03 Oct 2019 ⬩ 2 minutes

Release day

Christmas, but for my book

Magnificent post illustration

Look at the time

The leaves are turning, the weather is worsening, the days are shortening, and suddenly it’s October - this can only mean one thing.

The Black Hawks is out today.

To be specific, the ebook and audiobook (read by the estimable Colin Mace) should now be available worldwide, and paperbacks in the UK and Europe. The Goldsboro hardbacks will take a little longer, and I understand physical releases in north America aren’t expected until May or June next year. Sorry about that.

Some history

This is old news by now, but it’s been a loooong journey to publication for a manuscript (then called Articles of Faith) I first started planning in late 2014, based on an idea I had at least five years before that. It is, in many ways, quite bananas to imagine that I even managed to write the thing in the first place, let alone inflict it on the public in such a plethora of formats. A special thank-you to everyone who supported, encouraged, worked on and cheerleaded (cheerled?) the book along the way. The book’s acknowledgements section lists quite how many people I owe, and I couldn’t have done it without them.

Over to you

Well, I’ve done my bit - it’s now up to you, the great and good, to go forth and read. If you enjoy the book (or even if not) and can spare the time, please do leave an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads - it really helps. If so inclined, you can spread the good word on social media with the #TheBlackHawks hashtag, tell your friends, defy your enemies. You’ll have my gratitude.

And if you really did like it, I’d be delighted to hear - tweet me any time.

The hereafter

I’d better get cracking with book 2 then, 2020 isn’t that far off all of a sudden…

Thanks a million, folks.