10 Jun 2021 ⬩ 1 minute

Release day 2

Batten down your hatches, it's time for The Righteous

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The long road

It’s release day. Later than planned (much, much later) but we got there in the end. As you read these words, The Righteous is loose in the world. Below you’ll find a list of all the pre-release, release and post-release coverage, which is all very exciting indeed.

Features from around the web

Fantasy Hive: An interview with your favourite characters (or at least Chel and Lemon)

Fantasy Hive: Excerpt of the first chapter, and a recap of Book 1 from Lemon

Fantasy Inn: Rambling chat

Track of Words: Rapid fire interview

And don’t forget that already on the site we have a Floating Prologue and a Detailed Recap of The Black Hawks.

Giveaways (if you’re fast)

HarperVoyager: (ends ??) on Twitter

Fantasy Hive: (ends 14th June) on Twitter

Broken Binding (ends ??) on Twitter


Fantasy Hive: Exclusive world first review

Others incoming…


HarperVoyager: Black Hawks lightning recap videos

Brothers Gwynne: June releases pitch video (jump straight to my bit)

Slowly Red: Feature-length webchat with Mark Massera

Fan Fi Addict: Author chat

Over to you

That’s about all I can do from here (although do check back now and again to see new content as it arrives). As and when you get to the book, I hope it delights you. And if you fancy leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads, you’ll be keeping the machine turning just a little bit longer.

Cheers x