26 Aug 2019 ⬩ 1 minute

Mailing list! Competition!

Win a thing for the merest clicks

Magnificent post illustration

To celebrate hitting the sensational milestone of two hundred Twitter followers, I’m starting up a mailing list. You may already have seen the signup-popup when scrolling around the site (unless you’re adblocked up to the guts, presumably), otherwise why not click that link, or the one below, and sign up now.

Why would you do that? Why indeed? Because you might win an Advance Reader Copy of the The Black Hawks, that’s why! Not to mention the chance to receive a semi-regular reminder of my existence, featuring book news, events and anything else that might seem relevant. I’ll manage at least one a year, promise.

In a week or so I’ll pick a winner at random from the list subscribers, and just this once we’ll say it’s open worldwide*. And let’s face it, numbers are unlikely to be high so the odds really are in your favour.

So what are you waiting for? Click like the wind!

Sign me up pronto!

*unless postage is so monstrously prohibitive that it would be lunacy to post, in which case we’ll work something out