Mastodon Lockdown update |
26 May 2020 ⬩ 2 minutes

Lockdown update

What I've been up to during These Uncertain Times, and book 2 news

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I’ve not been around on Twitter - my preferred Sphere of Social Interaction - very much, or active here, over the last few months. The reasons for this aren’t dramatic, or even exceptional. I have two small children at home, a full-time job (which I’m lucky enough to be able to do remotely) and a number of Book Obligations on the go, and staying on top of What Must Be Done doesn’t leave a lot of time for Other Things.

Despite all that, I have managed a couple of jolly outings:

SRFC reading

Super Relaxed Fantasy Club have been doing a stellar job on their YouTube channel of keeping the good book vibes going. I did my bit, whether they wanted me to or not, and chucked in an exclusive scene from the Black Hawks while looking a bit like someone who’d had his hair cut with a beard trimmer.


I was honoured to be invited to take part in David Walters aka FanFiAddict’s virtual convention, MAYDAYCON, which streamed live last weekend. All the panels and readings are now up on the YouTube channel, and they’re fantastic - I’d recommend your full attention for the lot. I was lucky enough to join the second panel of the day: “Grimdark, Grimheart, or just Low Fantasy? You decide.”

An author on a podcast, talking books

Sticking with the indefatigable Mr Walters, he was generous enough to invite me onto his podcast, Authors on a Podcast Talking Books. If you think you can handle 90 minutes of me gassing on about a swathe of almost-related topics, I would implore you to give it a listen.

Where’s book 2 then?

Yeah, this is the bad news. Given everything going on across the industry and the world in general, it won’t surprise you that book 2 has been delayed. I’m afraid we’re now looking at a six-month extension to April 2021. I’m obviously very disappointed - you can imagine I’m extremely keen to give you the next part of the Black Hawks’ story. I will do my utmost to make it worth the wait.

You rotter


Do you at least have a title, or a cover to show?

Um, no. Sorry again. I hope, however, that some more upbeat news won’t be long in coming. Please do stay tuned.

In the meantime, good health, clean hands and peaceful minds to you all.

Photo by Gabriele Diwald on Unsplash