28 Feb 2019 ⬩ 1 minute

Incipient web presence

Welcome to the 20th Century

Magnificent post illustration

It’s official: later this year, I shall have a book out. That’s pretty exciting. So it’s about time to make something of myself, internetly speaking, hence the collection of pixels in front of you. This is my first personal website in two and half decades of hanging around the internet like a smell.

There’s a contact form, if you want to get in touch to tell me something isn’t working (or how much you loved the books that you’ll eventually purchase and read with my name on them) - unless it’s the contact form that isn’t working, in which case we might as well take off and nuke the whole thing from orbit.

Anyway. Hi.

I can’t promise frequent updates on here, but I’ll do what I can to add useful information as and when there is some. In the meantime, the first book has been announced (as has the sequel, planned for Summer 2020), and pre-order links are up on Amazon and Waterstones. If you know of any others (hello nice indies!), give me a shout and I’ll add them in here.

Unless the contact form isn’t working, in which case etc and so on