01 Sep 2019 ⬩ 1 minute

Early reviews roundup

...and book 2 news

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Earlier today I sent the manuscript for book 2 to my editor at HarperVoyager. This marks the official start of the Editing Phase, which occupy the next few months and will, all being well, lead to a finished book by this time next year. Next year!

In the meantime, the release of book 1 is now only one month away, and we’re already getting some early reviews from the Advanced Readers:

Over on GoodReads, the magnificent Anna Stephens called The Black Hawks ‘a remarkably assured debut’ in her 4-star review (the very first to go up, thank you, Anna!).

Ed McDonald went one better, giving the book 5 stars in his review: ‘A vibrant cast, intrigue and action come together in this blazing debut … I’m going to label it WitPunk.’.

At Grimdark magazine, reviewer James Tivendale described the book as ‘an extraordinary debut that is as humorous as it is dark. … Wragg has a winner on his hands here. Highly recommended.’

And finally, Robin Carter at Parmenion Books said: ‘I loved the characters, no matter how dark and devious they got there was always something new about them, the story brought something new to the table which i think gets harder every year. … Highly recommend this book, its great fun and really fast.’

Many thanks to all my reviewers, listed here and otherwise - it’s immensely gratifying to hear of people enjoying the book!