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14 Jun 2021 ⬩ 1 minute

A Righteous Playlist

Rock on, thematically

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You may remember that The Black Hawks has its own soundtrack, care of mellifluous composer Will Musser. As yet, The Righteous doesn’t have one of its own, so I thought in the style of Nicholas Eames (and others) I’d assemble a playlist of thematic tracks to go along with the book. Because I am an ancient prat, they are all from Iron Maiden.

Of course, in terms of the book’s message, you can’t do a lot better than Garbage’s stellar new album No Gods, No Masters, which came out a day or two after the book. But let’s pretend otherwise, shall we?

Some level of spoiler potential, maybe

It’s possible that these track names may give away aspects of the book, if you tilt your head and squint a little. If you’re concerned, maybe come back after you’ve read it?





I don’t have Spotify so can’t turn these all into a cool little playlist link, but if anyone else fancies a go I’ll add it here. In the meantime: Rock on! 🤘🤘

Photo by Luuk Wouters on Unsplash