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31 Dec 2019 ⬩ 2 minutes

2019 in review

A retrospective on a year of milestones

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2019 was a pretty eventful year for me, with personal, professional and creative milestones all over the place - not to mention our continued geopolitical ructions.

What happened then?

I turned 40, celebrated 10 years of marriage with Spectacular Wife, left a beloved job but started a new and rewarding one. I also launched this website, edited and published a book (something which will almost certainly be news to anyone reading this page), sent Book 2 off to my editor, and wrote a first draft of something entirely new. I signed more things in a month than my previous life total, and I like to think I’m finally getting the hang of my signature.

How’s the book doing?

Honestly, I don’t know - even given publishing’s six-monthly sales figure cycles, it can take a long time to know where things have settled, and I’ll probably be last to know after that. People seem pleased with it, though, by and large, which is wonderful. In terms of facts and figures, as of today (NYE 2019) we’re at 79 Amazon ratings, averaging a little over 4, and 362 ratings on Goodreads averaging a smidge under. I’m delighted so many people have enjoyed the book, and can’t wait to get Book 2 out there.

Where’s Book 2 then?

Still with my editor, although it will be coming back my way very soon. Then the Editing will begin in earnest, and the surviving text will then make its way through the publishing pipeline towards eventual release. The target date is still officially August 2020, but - as with Book 1 - we may yet see that move. Watch this space.

Does it have a name yet?

Not officially, but there have been some suggestions. Feel free to chip in on Twitter.

What’s next?

I’ll be doing a reading at Super Relaxed Fantasy Club on 14th January, so if you’re in the London King’s Cross area that day, please do swing by to watch me embarrass myself in person. Apart from that, 2020 will be all about editing, proofing and releasing Book 2, while revising the new effort and assessing its seaworthiness. With any luck, there might even be time to start something new - I certainly have a lot of plans…

Anything else?

For the time being, the ebook is on sale at an absurdly low price. Act now to make sure you’re stocked up for winter.


And a very happy new year to you all - thank you so much for your interest and support, and I hope next year brings an abundance of fun and happiness.

Happy reading!